IAR EWSTM8 Support


Atomthreads RTOS Supports IAR Embedded Workbench STM8
UK, June 2010

Atomthreads RTOS now supports IAR's new compiler for the STM8 microcontroller, Embedded Workbench STM8.

Released six weeks ago, Embedded Workbench STM8 provides a commercial-grade suite of development and debug tools which can now be used for the first time to create applications incorporating a real time operating system.

Atomthreads broke new ground in February when it became the first free RTOS available for the new STM8 CPU architecture, and is keeping up the momentum by adding support for other STM8 compiler toolchains. It can now be used by development teams using either the IAR or Cosmic compilers for STM8. The Atomthreads kernel source code has now been proven to be highly compiler-independent, supporting three different compiler vendors: IAR, Cosmic and GCC (the latter being supported on the AVR microcontroller).

Intended for embedded systems developers who require a simple lightweight scheduler to incorporate in their projects, Atomthreads provides real time threading support and standard RTOS features within a few small, highly portable files. Released under the flexible BSD license, Atomthreads provides a free solution suitable for commercial use without royalties or restrictions.

Visit http://atomthreads.com to download the source code for free and obtain further information.