Atomthreads v1.1 Released


Atomthreads RTOS v1.1 Released
UK, March 2010

A new version of Atomthreads, a free RTOS for embedded systems, has been released. Version 1.1 adds support for the new STM8 CPU architecture, supports a wider range of ATmega devices, and includes a new stack usage analyser to assist developers using the RTOS.

In February Atomthreads became the first free RTOS available for the new STM8 CPU architecture, and v1.1 rolls this support into an official release. The port can be used on any STM8 platform but has been fully qualified on the popular STM8S Discovery development board. The Cosmic compiler has been used as the supporting toolchain, a free version of which is available from

The AVR architecture port has also been boosted by support for recent ATmega devices with 128KB program space, and further improvements have been made to the Atomthreads development experience, with the addition of a new thread stack usage analyser, and improvements to the RTOS documentation.

Intended for embedded systems developers who require a simple lightweight scheduler to incorporate in their projects, Atomthreads provides real time threading support and standard RTOS features within a few small, highly portable files. Released under the flexible BSD license, Atomthreads provides a free solution suitable for commercial use without royalties or restrictions.

Visit to download the source code for free and obtain further information.